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Who We Are

The 1st Battalion, 101st Cavalry is an M1 tank battalion, part of the 42nd Infantry Division (Mechanized), New York Army National Guard.  We are the only tank battalion headquartered within New York City.  Our companies are located throughout eastern New York, with A Company and Headquarters Company on Staten Island, B Company in Troy, C Company in Hoosick Falls, and D Company in Newburgh.

The soldiers who comprise the battalion come from all walks of life.  Police officers, firefighters, businessmen, lawyers, electricians, students; the battalion is truly a cross section of society.  Our common bond is the Army and the Cavalry, and we give up one weekend with our families each month in order to train for the missions that we may be called upon to execute.

Our Mission
"To close with and destroy enemy forces using fire, maneuver, and shock effect; or to repel his assault by fire and counterattack." 


Current Events

23 October 2002 - The latest update to the drill schedule has been posted here.  Lots of changes, so take a look and pass the word to your fellow soldiers.

The Cav Ball was a rousing success!  We had about our biggest attendance ever, and a good time was had all around.  I'm looking for picture submissions to add to the ones I took, if anyone has some.  Just let me know (see my email address at the bottom of the page).

Our October drill is also complete, with weapons qualification and CTT training for the entire battalion up at Camp Smith.  We also have another weapons qualification weekend coming up later this year, down at Ft. Dix.  Pop up targets next time!

This past weekend was our Battalion awards ceremony as well.  The new Defense of Liberty medal was awarded to all our soldiers who were with us during our state activations last year, with the WTC device for everyone who served at Ground Zero.  Additionally, the Top Gun awards for Tank Table VIII and XII were presented, among many others.  Congratulations to all those who excelled this past year! 

As many of you may know, our focus this year is on individual readiness.  As part of that, we are emphasizing PT, weapons qualification, and PRF updates.  The S1 section will be coming to each company on a drill to update PRFs, so be prepared to go through your folder with us.

Last but not least - Tuition Incentive Program.  HHC soldiers: the deadline for Spring 03 applications to the company is 1 DEC 02.  If you miss the deadline, you will not get tuition!

19 September 2002 - Change 1 to the TY 2003 training schedule has just been posted. Take a look - some of our drill dates have changed!

19 August 2002 - More images added today, courtesy of CSM Gilmore. Follow the link below (the 28 July entry), or follow the link to AT 2002 on the "Images" page. Video coming soon!

31 July 2002 - More images added today, courtesy of CPL Thimmaiah. Follow the link below (the 28 July entry), or follow the link to AT 2002 on the "Images" page.

28 July 2002 - Halfway through AT! Today B and C Companies are finishing up the last tanks on Tank Table VIII, and beginning our preparations for Tank Table XII. Meanwhile, HHC has been conducting NBC training and familiarization firing on the .50 caliber machine gun. Additionally, the staff has been conducting JANUS training in order to prepare for the upcoming Brigade Warfighter exercise in August.

Click the image below to to see the first batch of pictures from AT. More to follow soon!

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