Annual Training 2002

Added 19 AUG 02

Maintenance Teams working on Range 23


Medics Standing By at the range

Tankers waiting to go downrange for Tank Table VIII


Tactical Training during Tank Table XII


Re-arming and Refueling on Range 25


1SG Willsey in his portable office

Prepping Tanks for turn-in in the motorpool

Added 31 JUL 02

Firing on Tank Table XII

A10s Overflying Range 23

Medics at work

Staff preparing for Command Post Exercise

Evidence of a midnight visitor...

...and 1SG Ranauro discovering the visit

Added 27 JUL 02

Prep for movement

Admin Support

Roadmarch to Range 23



Firing the .50 Caliber!

Boresighting and preparing to fire Tank Table VIII

Night Fire

Silhouetted by another tank firing

Prepping drones for aerial gunnery